About the APGO Education Foundation


To provide financial and other support to promote a greater understanding of geoscience to the public, support the individuals who study geoscience and support the practice of professional geoscience.

The foundation accomplishes this mission by:

  1. Providing scholarships to post-secondary students for the study of geoscience in a degree program;
  2. Providing bursaries to immigrants to Canada who are internationally-trained geoscientists and have demonstrated financial need for completion of licensure procedures for registration as a professional geoscientist in Ontario; and
  3. Holding lectures, presentations and conferences on geoscience to enhance the knowledge of the general public.

Charitable Organization Registration Number 84604 5052 RR0001

The APGO Education Foundation (the Foundation) recognizes the need for qualified professional geoscientists who safeguard the public, investors, life, health, property, and the natural environment. The Foundation works symbiotically with the Professional Geoscientists Ontario (PGO), the regulating body for geoscientists in Ontario (www.pgo.ca), to support post-secondary geoscience students and internationally-trained geoscientists seeking professional registration in Ontario, and to enhance the knowledge of the general public concerning geoscience and the role of professional geoscientists.

Meet the Board


Bernard Kradjian
Director of Marketing and Communications



William Pearson Family Fund

Pearson Geological Limited

Past Presidents PGO

Dr. Arsalan Mohajer, P.Geo.

Dr. Bill Pearson, P.Geo.

Maureen Jensen, P.Geo., FGC Secretary/Treasurer to 2014